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GIR Lining is an subsidiary Company of Global Industrial Recourses WLL, with a vision to provide highly specialized technical services to Aluminum smelters, with portfolio of supply of refractory Material from reputed European supplier and Installation services.

Global lining is specialized in providing dedicated services for aluminium Meltaing/Holding Furnaces. The package includes furnace design, fabrication of  steel sheel, supply of Refractery:

• Lining Material
• Installation
• Commissioning
• Pre-heating
• Demolition

Maintenance service of furnaces are also undertaken annual maintenance Contract (AMC) and/ or specific maintenance orders.

The operations are supported by talent pool of qualified and highly experienced team of engineers having invaluable experience in Aluminum and other Fe/Non-fe industry. In short span of time since inception, we have been able to successfully complete several installation & Commissioning project with references of leading aluminum smelters in GCC including incinerator, Kiln’s calciner.

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