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INDUSTRIAL VALVESindus 01indus 02indus 03

Different types of valves like :

• Gate Valves
• Butterfly Valves
• Check Valves
• Air relief valves
• Globe Valves
• Regulating - Safety Valves and ANSI Valves

These types of valves are available in materials such as Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Bronze with different types of lining & Pressure ratings.
The sizes can be as small as 15mm up to 2000mm.
All these Valves conform to International Standards ASTM, BSS, DIN, UNI &ISO. Actuators like Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic & manual can also be supplied along with the Valves. Valves are also available for special applications like for corrosive atmosphere.
Valves accessories like Flanges, Flow rate measuring equipments & Joints for pipes are also available.