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Bahrain Industrial Filters MFQ WLL is an subsiday of GIR involved in manufacturing and company specialized in Filter. Products both “Dry” and “Liquid” filtration applications.
Calibri (Body)
BIF is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of highly quality filtration product.
BIF can be simply the one-stop-shop for all filtration product for cement planets and all the major industrial in the kingdom of Bahrain, GCC and overseas.

A team of qualified Engineers and well trained employees develop these filter media in the state of the art production facilities, to meet the ever stringent technical specifications asked for by the industries.


• Filter Bags for Gas Treatment Centers ( GTC) , and Fume Treatment Centers (FTP) for Aluminum Smelters
• Filter Bags for Kiln Exhaust at Aluminum Calciners
• Filter Bags for Port Loading and Extraction Stations
• Filter Bags for Carbon Plant
• Filter Bags for nuisance venting dust collectors in Aluminum Plant
• Air Slide Fabrics and Filter Cages
• Cartridge Filters for Dust Collectors
• Cartridge Filter for Gas Turbine Intake Stations
• Filter Bags for Coke Baking Furnace
• Filter Bags for All Applications in Aluminum Smelters
• Bag House Accessories like Cages , Venturies & Pulse Valves
• Woven Glass Reverse Air Bag House Bags ( RABH ) Bags

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